The Key Haunted Escape Rooms and Indy Grimo…truly a match ‘made in hell’. If you love creepy activities as much as we do, why not kick it over the edge by surprising your group with a first class ride in one of Indy Grimo’s hearse limousines? Just imagine the look on your friend’s faces when they see one of these awesome decked-out hearses pulling up to the curb! Indy Grimo provides to your door service, and will promptly load and deliver all of your ‘bodies’ directly to The Key Haunted Escape Rooms. Then, of coarse there’s the ride home as you reflect on your life, (and your game in Key) as Indy Grimo respectfully disposes of your bodies…er, we mean delivers the bodies to their ‘final destination’. Call 317-914-0600 to arrive to The Key with class!