• PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME! Our games run on a strict schedule. Starting just one game too late can set back all other games for the rest of the day, and therefore must be rescheduled.
    If you discover that you need to reschedule, simply contact us at 317-491-4280 and we will be happy to do so at no additional charge. Otherwise, a $25 rescheduling fee will be added to your game when it is rescheduled.
  • Before booking The Key, please take a minute to read our ‘BEFORE BOOKING’ information as well as our ‘RULE BOOK’. You will get much more from your game by fully understanding the rules, so be sure everyone has read and understands them!
  • The Key Haunted Escape Rooms utilizes an  Electronic Waiver provided by Post Road Recreation Center that covers all attractions, activities and spectators at the park. If not completed in advance, please arrive about 30 minutes early in order to do so. The Electronic Waiver provides room for Minors’ names as well. If you have trouble with the Waiver, no worries; you may fill out our rather informal Waiver upon arrival to Post Road Recreation Center, but please remember Waivers must be filled out by any adult over 18 or by a parent or legal guardian.
  • REGARDING CHILDREN; We highly advise customers to use your discretion regarding younger players. Please be confident that your child will be comfortable in dark surroundings, and would rather enjoy the dark and mysterious atmosphere of THE KEY.
  • Every game must include no less than TWO participating adults to provide supervision over minors 16 years of age or under. (Example; 4 minors must play with 2 adults).