To just take your money because your group can't make it on time, or someone in your group suddenly can't attend would be, well...a nightmare. Though we do love nightmares, we only want you to experience them during your game and not before. So book with confidence as we will gladly let you reschedule your game to a more suitable day and time. Please try to inform us of your cancellation as quickly as possible.

All players must complete a waiver of liability before playing. You may complete an Electronic Waiver here. All players under 18 years of age must have their waiver completed by a legal parent or guardian. Groups of players under 16 years of age must include at least one adult parent or legal guardian. 
Most of the themes and scenarios of THE KEY are completely child/family friendly and extremely fun and entertaining, such as the 'The Seance'. However, due to the exceptional and elaborate decor that already exists in our rooms, we have fashioned them after their original theme such as the funeral parlor. It is therefore at the discretion of parents as to which games would be appropriate for younger children. Groups of children under the age of 16 must include at least one adult. You can refer to our 'Creepy' and 'Difficulty' meters displayed in each game description on our Game Page.

Know in advance that every game in The Key begins and ends by being blindfolded as you are led into and out of the arena. Depending on the game you choose, such as The Shackle Hall, you may even be deprived at times of physical movement by use of restraints such as handcuffs or other means. Be sure to select a room that you feel suits your team. The overall themes of each room are described in a bit more detail on our Game Page.
We will not be taking any personal items from you, such as cell phones, so please be sure to secure all these items before entering the arena, as it is very dark and difficult to locate things. We of coarse, can attempt to locate and retrieve your lost item, (such as an arm, leg, etc) however we cannot be responsible for the replacement of them.
Though we allow cell phones to be taken into the arena, we ask that you refrain from using them for any game-related purposes such as providing additional light, etc. We will be arming you with every necessary thing required to aid in your escape. Also, cell phones can be considered nothing more than a distraction to the 'ambiance' of the room and to your team mates who are trying to enjoy their journey into the dark and mysterious world of The Key. NOTE: Use of cameras or any recording devices are strictly prohibited inside the arena.

On game day you should allow approximately two hours at the facility. When possible, please plan to arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to your scheduled game time, and allow about 30 minutes afterward. Game times are set up on a strict schedule and we must have adequate time in between to reset the rooms, so promptness is a must. Those failing to arrive before the start of a game may or may not be allowed to enter, depending on many factors of which we may have no control. Once your game is over, we will take your group picture with Grandpa and Bones on your cell phones if desired.

Please note that those with health concerns such as heart problems, epilepsy, claustrophobia, pregnancy or any other serious physical or mental conditions are not advised to participate.

NOTE to those electing to play The Shackle Hall; please wear something to protect your ankles, as that game begins with all players shackled in leg irons. (Please do NOT wear boots - we often have trouble fitting shackles around them!),  Remember that the arena is an old, dusty and decrepit mansion, and some of our games may require crawling or even laying on the floor, in which case your clothing may get soiled. So we strongly suggest wearing old clothes that mean nothing to you, as we will not replace them. During the wintertime the arena can be a bit chilly, so coats or jackets are allowed, as we generally fire up the furnace for cremation purposes only. Likewise, the rooms can get a bit warm in the summer as well, so please dress appropriately.