It's a 'SAMMY SIGHTING!' The One and Only SAMMY TERRY LIVE! at “The Key” Haunted Escape Rooms!  SAMMY SAYS;

"Join me, Sammy Terry and George Saturday, October 28th from 6 to 9PM on the East side of Indianapolis for an awesome night of “The Key” Haunted Escape rooms,  family Go Karts on 3 tracks, Wacky Putt and Disc Golf, Arcade Games, ice cream and a pizza shop. Bring the entire family to  the Post Road Recreation Center, home of the year round “The Key” Haunted Escape Rooms …. I will be meeting and greeting you at this sprawling five-acre family fun park telling Spooky Stories,  and you can be a contestant in my Trivia Game Shows. Go to “” and get more information about the park, and to book an Escape room adventure. Make sure you “LIKE” them on the “The Key Haunted Escape rooms” FB page…. I will be Broadcasting on FACEBOOK LIVE segments from inside the year round The Key Haunted Escape Rooms during the event. So bring the entire family and join me Saturday , October 28th from 6PM. A 'Horrorable' night of Family Fun awaits your group and if you think you can escape a Haunted escape room,, you’d better book early because I’ll be waiting for you … if you survive…"


QUESTIONS? CALL 317-491-4280 Join us for a somewhat humorous, yet grisly and disgusting late-day matinee in our old decaying theater, The Key Cinema! Share a few bags of popcorn (carefully inspected and bug-free!) as you are directed just when to watch the movie, and when to snoop around. Warning; this game is NOT for the squeamish and contains hideous and unforgettable images of death. BOOK HORROR MOVIE NOW!


Welcome to Indiana's largest escape room venue; the dark, decrepit and mysterious world of THE KEY - Haunted Escape Rooms. The Key offers a literal buffet of real-live interactive escape room adventures with varied levels of 'startle' mixed with an occasional bit of humor. Our family-friendly rooms are designed to entertain all ages and all tastes, from the haunt loving thrill seekers to those who simply enjoy a great escape room challenge. You and your teammates are locked into the game room of your choosing, with one hour to look for clues, solve puzzles, decipher codes and more, all in order to achieve a certain goal. Sometimes the goal is simply to escape, but not always.

In THE KEY, every single room has a delicious and elaborate scenario and story line all it's own. Regardless the room, we promise you an awesome, entertaining and completely different atmosphere and experience. From funerals to seances to torture chambers and more, with future rooms including even more intriguing and heart-pounding scenarios such as 'Freak Show' and 'The Catacombs'.

Horror lovers may consider the world of THE KEY to be a ‘dream come true’. For others, never fear; our rooms offer a wide variety of experiences to suit everyone, from those who love horror to those who just simply love escape games.

THE KEY is  not only a game of wit. It could actually lead to insight and discovery about your Teammates than you never realized before. Remember, human behavior can become quite unpredictable in the face of adversity, confusion and even fear. For example, as many horror movies demonstrate, the most macho newlywed hubby will jump at the chance to feed his new bride to the flesh-eating creatures while he runs safely for cover. Or maybe the 'girl' doesn’t always trip and fall during the chase.

Which will you be? Will you find success and survive your journey into The Key, or will you become yet another lost soul trapped within it's walls?

HOW IT WORKS - Escape the stress of booking an escape game!

Book the game of your choice for the day and time you want to play on our BOOK NOW page. No need to worry if something happens and you need to reschedule your game. We will simply apply your purchase to a date and time that more suits your schedule. Please notify us no less than 24 hours in advance of cancellation.
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