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Ideal Group Size: 6 Players Room capacity with kids: 8 Recommended Age limit: 9
with Adults

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Have a ball in this super fun and entertaining room, as you attempt to free the spirit of Wilda McCain. Poor Wilda was a hermit who was continually teased and mocked by the neighborhood children. Now, her only recourse is to pull pranks on our players as Mildred the fortune teller assists you by rattling off completely vague and useless bits of wisdom throughout the hour. This game will definitely keep you chuckling and on your toes, and is one of our most light hearted and suitable for kids as young as 9 years old. PLEASE be sure your children will enjoy being in a dark creepy atmosphere.

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Play as a 'dark' room or with 'lights on'
(But the same wacky adventures!)

(317) 491-4280

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