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 Please note! Sometimes there can be more availability than shown. Please be sure to call  
  if it appears that there is no availability for your target date and time! 

WANT TO PLAY RIGHT NOW? (or 'before or after' hours?)
CALL US AT 317-491-4280
Because our games are by appointment, we can take bookings almost ANY TIME, even outside of advertised hours!
We can sometimes even start a game within 30 minutes of your phone call!


PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME! We reserve the right to cancel with NO REFUND
There are NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS.  Please plan accordingly.

LAST MINUTE GAMES must be arranged with us & either pay cash on arrival, or
book the next available time slot online (the time is then edited to the updated game time).

Groups larger than 10 must call to arrange their appointment.

Select the date, then the time & game desired.

Select the number of participants (children count as adults)

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