Our blindfolds will be washed and sanitized before each use.
All game items and surfaces will be wiped down between customers.
We will be wearing masks during the greeting and exiting procedures.
Players may feel free to wear their own masks at their discretion.


The Key is somewhat haunted, and
sometimes humorous collection of
escape room adventures, set in an unusually
dark, misty and mysterious atmosphere with
special cameras, mics, peek holes, 
hidden hatches and effects through-out.

You will be armed with your
own personal light before being
taken to the rooms.

Our games ARE in a haunted house,
primarily for the ambiance and decor.

You are playing an hour-long game,
 NOT BEING CHASED WITH A CHAIN SAW....(unfortunately).

We simply watch and listen to your group
closely, responding to yes or no questions
only, as needed to assist in your progress.

There WILL BE special effects and
startles during your game.

These effects can be toned down
(upon request), but remember
the effects are what makes a game
in The Key an unforgettable and
ultimately entertaining experience.

We use blindfolds when moving
groups in and out of the arena.

Blindfolds can be an optional, however this
greatly adds to the element of suspense.

KIDS must be accompanied by an adult.
Please be certain that your child will
be comfortable in a dark and haunted

Groups of teens 13 and up are acceptable
with at least one adult participant.

PLEASE NOTE; Restrooms are NOT
currently available for public use.


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