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This dusty and decrepit old wine cellar holds many secrets that may seem invisible to the human (and sober) eye..
Solve the puzzles, discover hidden clues and crack the exit lock on this highly detailed and entertaining adventure. Just watch out for Francois Belieu, the former owner and operator of the Vineyard... It is said that he was famous for his overindulgence of the drink, and may pull a few pranks on you during your journey through this snake-ridden old piece of history that once was the heart of a flourishing vineyard.

Green skull to indicate challenge level
Orange skull to indicate creepiness level

Ideal Group Size: 6 Players
Room capacity with kids: 8
Recommended Age limit: 10
with Adults

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Play as a 'dark' room or with 'lights on'
(But the same wacky adventures!)

(317) 491-4280

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