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Escape Room

Who is Sammy Terry, you ask..?

Only the most famous, most loved and longest-running Horror Host
in the world!  Watch these videos to get to know Sammy and his
8-legged sidekick George a bit better (if you dare!)....

The Dungeon is a "delightfully torturous" adventure for up to 8 players and kids as young as 7 or 8, ending with the best reward ever! Gaining access to the infamous coffin where you'll actually get to meet George!
Sammy will guide you through 
lots of 'horribly challenging' puzzles within the hour long adventure. This game is a must for every Hoosier that grew up as a Sammy Terry fan!
Y TERRY'S LIVE FACEBOOK BROADCASTS, airing the first Friday of every month. Also, be sure to visit:

Sammy Terry's Fan Page

Sammy's Official Website
Buy awesome Sammy Terry merchandise

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Play as a 'dark' room or with 'lights on'
(But the same wacky adventures!)

(317) 491-4280

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