The Hockaloogie
Funeral Parlor

Ideal Group size; 6 to 8
Age limit: 12 with Adults

Coming soon!

You'll never be late to this funeral at the 'Hockaloogie Funeral Parlor'; it's been going on since 1957!
They say 'the dead see everything', and you'll discover this to be true when you attend the funeral of poor ol' Jeb Clayton.

Jeb died in a hunting accident with his best friend and companion dog, 'Rowdy'. But now that he's reached the other side, he's discovered many things about his life that was unbeknownst to him before.
And now, poor old Jeb is having trouble moving on. You and your friends must perform certain tasks to help ease Jeb into the afterlife...Good luck, and may the spirits be with you!

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