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Who We Are

Julie Gerard
Tammy Beckham

  Julie Gerard                 Tammy Beckham

"The Key Escape Rooms...bringing people together, one scream at a time."

"The Key" is a woman-owned escape room business on the East side of Indianapolis, Indiana, and offer a plethora of challenging, sometimes questionably humorous and highly unforgettable escape room adventures.

Known and loved more for our dark creepy scenarios and corny attempts at humor, those that fear the dark (and bad humor) still have the option to alternatively play with lights on if they so choose.

Julie Gerard (aka 'Robin Graves') and Tammy Beckham (aka 'Robin Banks') are the sole creators, gamemasters and only workers at The Key with the exception of October, when they often call on the assistance of a few freaky game master friends.

Julie and Tammy became friends and formed a partnership in the late 90's while rehabbing houses together.

From 2005 to 2018, they owned and operated the Post Road Recreation Center; a sprawling five-acre park that featured go karts, mini golf, a huge arcade, pizza shop and their favorite enormous haunted house, which is where The Key Escape Rooms were born.

Both women create the various scenarios, puzzles and animated props, while Julie also creates videos and even background tracks for the games, usually using her own voice as the narrator. She also is the webmaster and creates signage and graphics for the business.

Tammy also heads the construction and painting of the rooms, is a 'zombie creator', and has owned her own painting company since 1995. Many 'creatures' in The Key have casts of Tammy's own hands!

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Play as a 'dark' room or with 'lights on'
(But the same wacky adventures!)

(317) 491-4280

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